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pleasanton police. >> oakland mayor is looking for federal aid while in washington this week to attend the national conference of mayors and president obama's inauguration on monday. the mayor is planning to meet with several law enforcement agencies to secure and expand federal support to oakland police and the city's crime-fighting effort and is asking governor brown to extend the assistance oakland has been getting from the highway patrol. brown said oakland has to find out what they want. some in oakland want zero police. the leadership of that city has to show the way. brown is a former mayor of oakland. >> people dining out in san francisco will be able to access a restaurant health ratings at their fingertips. the consumer review site "yelp" will post health ratings online. it is a good way to get government information to the public. abc7's reporter will have a live report next year on that partnership. >> the weather forecast, now. it sounds like a broken record, or for the young people, the cd is skipping. >> the cd is stuck. >> mike nicco, our meteorologist , will explain wh
.h.p.'s agreement to patrol oakland city streets. the highway patrol wants to pay to extend the service and c.h.p. says they will continue to work with the city for another 30 days. no word on whether oakland will have to pay for that extension. c.h.p. officers have made 87 felony arrests in 90 days of prowls in oakland. >> poll shows california are the most optimistic since before the recession. governor brown gets the highest approval rating since taking office in 2011, at 51 percent following the asurroundsment -- following the announcement of a state budget surplus. experts expect the state to outpeople the nation as a whole in 2013. last time consumer confidence was this high was way back in 2007. >> the state budget cut forces san mateo county to close courtrooms and cut staff. last year the county reduced the trial court workforce by 30 percent cutting back on clerk hours. now the majority of court services in south san francisco and shayia are suspended and five courtrooms will close entirely. up to 25 employees could lose jobs in september and five court commissioners could be gone b
to combat the crime problem in oakland. it is a plan but not a done deal. >> first, the tech bytes. >> in the tech bytes facebook takes on google with a new search tool. it allows users to look for any information their friends have shared on the site. it will be rolled out the next few weeks. do love your droid but don't like the keyboard? >> they have a wonderful app that predicts what you are going to type next. it gets smarter and smarter the more you use it. >> it sells $4 after a one month free trial. and delta lets passengers monitor your progress from ♪ i'd like to thank eating right, whole grain, multigrain cheerios! my bowl, my spoons! mom, are those my jeans? [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrain cheerios has whole grain and 110 delicious calories. ...more grains. less you! multigrain cheerios in multi-grain cheerios peanut butter. as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, c
bratton. the city of oakland wants him as a consultant. the chief called him one of the brightest minds in policing. the method can be controversial. he has supported stock -- stop and frisk in new york. supporters say look at his record. >> he brought crime down in los angeles and helped to get minority people working and complaints went down if that city. it was a change for the good and for the better. >> you pour money into people from outside of our community to solve the problems of violence in our community. violence is a language of unheard so you need to start with people who live here when they are telling you what it is they want, what they need. >> the vote came just two hours ago, 2:30 in the morning at 7-1 vote with brooks voting against the hire. the chief and the mayor of oakland insist bratton will "advise" city leaders with the ultimate decision theirs. they say oakland will not stand for rail -- racial profiling. >> a driver is in custody after a chase that started in hayward and ended across the bay in san francisco. c.h.p. officers followed a black s.u.v. acro
and was wearing a black t-shirt. >> this morning, oakland police will reveal details on the second theft in two months at the oakland museum of california. this time, burglars stole an $800,000 golden box which happened on monday morning. the burglars stole a piece of quartz from the gold rush era. >> a water emergency is forcing an oakland hospital to postpone elective surgeries. officials have issued a cold dry at the med center after a utility problem shut off water to the facility meaning no one could use the sinks or flush toilet. water was restored late in the evening but nonemergency surgeries have been put off until they make sure everything is okay. patients were never in danger and the hospital will not elaborate on the utility failure. >> former san francisco giants star barry bonds will find out if he was voted in major league baseball's hall of fame. they are expected to announce the results of the votes around 11 a.m. and many have expressed reservations of bonds because of questions about steroid use. votes are cast for a seven time cy young award winner clemens and seem sosa all
into today. shining lasers at pilots is a serious offense punishable by federal law. >> the oakland city council will consider approving the contract of a controversial high profile police consultant, a former los angeles and new york police chief, will be paid $250,000 to turn around oakland's crime wave. tempers flared last week when protesters showed up to voice concerns of possible available profiling. he favors "stop and frisk" where police can stop anyone they feel is suspicious. the oakland city council is scheduled to take up the issue tonight at 6:30. >> in san francisco the use of tasers is the main focus of a community meeting. the san francisco police department is the only agency in the bay area that does not use stun guns. the chief wants to launch a pilot program to equip officers to dole with mentally ill after a police shooting last summer triggered this when a man attack add co-worker with a box cutter. the community forum is at 6:00 at the hamilton recreational center. repairs begin on the bay bridge bumper damaged in an oil tanker crash this month. abc7 news reporter
was staying at an oakland hotel. he is in san francisco county jail facing charges of attempted murder and arson. the victim, 25-year-old starr lamare, remains in critical condition with severe burns. the two got in an argument on sunday. her sister said he came home, poured gasoline in a bottle and went back to the laundromat and he doused her and set her on fire. >> the governor will hold a news conference in sacramento to discuss improvements to mental health care in prisons and overcrowding. officials asked judges to modify an order capping the number of inmates that can be held prisons because they want permission to house 6,000 additional inmates. they say if this is rejected, dangerous felons could be released early after the panel blamed overcrowding for violations of inmate rights. >> the f.b.i. is expected to resume excavating a well in a search for victims of the speed freak killers. agents are taking over the search at the qualify the sheriff. heavy machinery will be used to cover soil but most digging is done by hand. the remains of five people have been found in the area,
. >> an oakland boy. s in critical condition after being hit by a car yesterday. the accident happened after 5:30 at 28th and foothill boulevard. we were on the scene after the child was taken away by ambulance to children's hospital with a head injury. police are trying to figure if the bother ran into traffic or was in the crosswalk at the time of the accident. >> san francisco public school students get a lesson in online safety today. 55,000 students will be taught the basics of digital citizenship to keep safe online. issues they will tackle are bullying and what to trust online. the district attorney will visit a middle school to see some students taking part in the online safety instruction day. >> the national weather service is issuing a beach hazard for the northern california coast through the weekend. people along the shore should be careful of sneaker waves that can be dangerous. because of the beach hazard spectators will not be allowed on the shoreline for the maverick surf contest. two dozen of the top big wave riders in the world are gathering in half moon bay for the event th
if they want c.h.p. officers to patrol city politicians. they have been helping oakland police for free ends a 90 day agreement that ends on friday and the c.h.p. wants money to extend it. oakland reached a deal with alameda county to pay for patrol by sheriff deputy and the mayor hopes the state grants will pay for the c.h.p. officers until new cadets graduate this summer. >> walnut creek police are searching for three robbers who pepper sprayed jewelry store workers entering the jewelers on broadway plaza yesterday afternoon. one doused employees with pepper spray. another used a hammer to smash in the display cabinets grabbing several rolex watches and took off in less than one minute. >> a state agency is set to take action against chevron in connection with the company's richmond refinery fire. an independent investigation by the state department of occupational safety and health, and the u.s. come safety board, will reveal more of the fire that will lead to fines and sanctions. chevron say they have paid out $10 million in medical claims and has begun corrective action and they face la
. just road work right now. we have 880 southbound out of oakland at 980 down to 5th and embarcardero various lanes until 5:00, and toward newark and fremont there is road work until 6:00. the bay bridge toll plaza, you can see light conditions, no problems on the upper deck which is moving into san francisco. and the san mateo condition, tail lights headed to the peninsula and foster city area eastbound driving into haywood and the plaza is looking good. katie? >> thank you. flooding put a peninsula community in danger. the city leaders are looking for emergency help. >> back from the brink of the fiscal cliff and hidden benefits that the bill could bring if commuters but first, tech bytes. >> new laws make it illegal for some to request facebook passwords. california and illinois have banned companies from asking employees for their social networking log in. michigan, new jersey, maryland and delaware have similar laws. apple has a "fix" for devices, the do not disturb feature which resumes normal operation on january 7 so you can turn it on or off manually. and there will be an end
in oakland on monday for the attack on starr lamare a woman he was dating and faces charges of attempted murder and arson after he doused tar star with gas and society her -- set her on fire. they were arguing before the attack. starr lamare is expected to survive but faces months in the hospital. >> we are learning more of the death of a home intruder at the hands of a resident. it was a conspiracy by an estranged wife that backfired. our reporter has details on that. >> apartment residents identified the couple in a series of pictures. together they have an 8-year-old daughter and five-year-old son. >> i seen them with the kid, picking up the kid. he was a nice guy. >> i come home on my break and i would see him but i never saw her. >> police say the wife told her husband she was cheating on him and wanted him out of the house but he wasn't moving fast enough. >> this angered his wife and she plot add burglary with the boyfriend in an effort to scare him and persuade him into leaving the residence. >> but the plan backfired. she gave the key to a 54-year-old, a man with an extensive cr
are not mentally ill. >> the tons say the client is not ready for a plea. >> new troubles for oakland university the site of a mass shooting rampage in april facing two new lawsuits filed bit families of two victims in the campus murder spree on behalf of grace kim and another woman from hayward, two of seven who decided. former nursing student has pleaded not guilty to murder charges. a judge decide he was incompetent to stand trial. the lawsuits say the university should have then he could pose a danger. >> group of students and fact u members at the city check of san francisco will protester the welcome address of the chancellor. organizers are drawing attention to the recent passage of proposition (a) by voters for a tax to offset budget cuts and layoffs at city college. they say officials plan to use the money for other purposes such as paying consultants and building reserves. they are asking people to sign a pledge to take action if the district does not spend the voter approved funds as intended. >> federal regulators announced they are ordering a comprehensive review of boeing 787 dream
. 4:42 on monday. hope you had a great weekend. san francisco is locking across the bay toward oakland, crystal clear right here. it is cold. we have fog out there. mike nicco is tracking that for you. and there are fog advisories. >> new this morning, the alameda family coroner identified a man killed running across a busy oakland freeway. a 44-year-old behind a wheel hit the center divider of i-880 and after the crash, he got out of the car and tried to cross the freeway on foot and he was then hit by at least two passing cars, all northbound traffic was diverted at 66 avenue for almost two hours. all lanes re-opened just before 10:00. >> emergency crews in san jose launched a water rescue to try to save a woman would drove her car into a pond between highway 85 and almaden expressway in san jose. our reporter was there. >> the officers were told the car was going crash when it crashed in the water. the woman drives was attempting to get on highway 85, the almaden plaza way but lost control trying to beat the light and she drop through the fence that separated the on-ramp and water.
far, agricultural officials say crops have escaped significant damage. >> oakland city leaders will make a major announcement of responding to the violent crime problem. last night, a drive-by shooting in east oakland injured five people on top of ten other shootings since friday. five people were hit in a spray of bullets at seminary avenue and walnut creek at 8:00. the mayor is calling for a "state of emergency" to get crime-fighting help from the state. city council member tells abc7 the news was made during a conference call before the shooting. a spokesperson for the mayor says the public deserve as strong and fast reaction to the violence. >> vice president biden meets with members of the house of representatives to continue talks on reducing gun violence and is joined by attorney general holder and other cabinet members. he'll give president obama a comprehensive package of recommendations tomorrow. lawmakers say the connecticut school shooting transformed the country and americans are ready for stricter gun laws. the national rifle association says it has enough support
and one in oakland and six in san jose. in fact, san jose is flirting with frost. 31 in los gatos and inland is below freezing but antioch at 34. cool spot is 32 in half moon bay and santa cruz and inland, gilroy is 28 degrees this morning. now, as we move forward, sunshine today. the warming trend begins. frost is likely tonight inland. that is most likely, also, the last one we will have for a while because it will be mostly sunny and warmer this weekend not only during the day but transition into the overnight hours and take away the frost. our temperatures today are 52 in antioch. 54 in concord and livermore and richmond and san francisco and san rafael and 56 in palo alto. to monterey bay mid-to-upper 50's and total sunshine, possibly a passing high cloud. the freezing temperatures are inland mostly in the mid-30's to low 40's around the bay shore to the coast to san francisco. not much different than yesterday, with two areas of pressure sitting right there so not much will change until we move the cooler air mass off to the east tomorrow when we hit 60 around the bay. we wi
dry. no clouds out there right now. talk those temperatures. low to mid 40s around fremont, oakland, san francisco and half moon bay. we are above freezing in san san rafael at 36. 35 in antioch but freezing or below in los gatos, concord, fairfield and napa. around the monterey bay, mid-30s gilroy at about 32 degrees. let's talk about what is going to happen in this forecast cycle. frost in the morning hours, sunny this afternoon. slightly warmer thursday and friday. this system will get rose to the bay area but most of the showers will stay over the ocean. let's talk about today's temperatures, mainly in the mid 50s. we could be slightly cooler around 52 in vallejo and low 50s around the coast. it won't be quite as breezy as it was yesterday. mid to upper 50s as you head inland. tonight almost as cold as this morning. you can see sub-freezing around palo alto at 32. same thing at concord and vallejo. 2382 at livermore. we'll be okay in san francisco, 43. 39 at oakland and 38 in san mateo and half moon bay for some of the warmer spots tomorrow morning. area of high pressure dominat
that but it has been cleared. there is no slowing. road work in oakland area at 880 embarcardero and that has been picked up. that will be no problem if you are headed to oakland. in san jose, north 87 is moving nicely. the the upper deck of the bay bridge is slow for a few more minutes but moving into san francisco with no delays behind the snow plaza. katie and kristen? >> senator john kerry who has been nominated to become the next secretary of state begins to report to the state department today. he should win nomination by the senate in the next two weeks. secretary of state, hillary clinton, plans to step down. she still continues treatment for a blood clot near her brain which she suffered in a fall. >> top members of congress accuse the c.i.a. of misleading the makers of the osama bin laden raid filmed "zero dark 30" saying they were told harsh interrogation techniques helped track down the mastermind but it was found by the senate water boarding and other similar methods produced no useful intelligence. coming up next, a challenge of raising a baby coming up. studies of parent lend how to
in mountain view to one in novato and not bad in oakland and san francisco about five to six, some of the better visibility right there. now, breaking down today, off to a foggy and damp start with drizzle and a white rain here and there but very isolated with temperatures mild, upper 40's to low 50's. as we head to noon there is a chance of a scattered showers and less than yesterday, and the rainfall amounts are less than yesterday. low-to-mid 50 at noon and upper 50's at 4:00 and keep the umbrella handy as a stray shower continues but it will be mild upper 40's to mid-50's. next three days a cold front tomorrow bringing us cooler weather and a chance of a shower and cooler and dry on sunday and below average on monday with mid-50's. >> friday lite so far at 4:37al. now, san rafael has a few headlights southbound beyond the sickst to central marin with road work in the northbound 101 direction and, also, taking a look at the bay bridge toll plaza it is light with no issues on the upper deck. road work, southbound, 101 at the bottom of the sausalito side, down to two left lanes th
, and 59 in oakland. temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50's around the monterey bay. tonight, wide-spread 30's and cooler than this morning, and mid-30's, mid-40's an the bay shore and up to the coast. the seven-day outlook shows texts below average today. again today, too. back to average on wednesday. and warmer than average on thursday, friday, saturday, and super bowl sunday. >> happy monday. if you go to richmond or better chicago or emeryville, traffic on the east shore freeway is busy but moving. no issues moving to the macarthur maze. in san jose, headlights beyond the p.m. pavilion -- with the h.p. pavilion but the traffic is moving. still road work in north 880 and 66 by the colisieum, and glee left lanes at fruitville will be picked up in ten minutes. >> new this morning, u.s. supreme court justice sotomayor will be in san francisco today making a stop at the theater on van necessary at -- at van ness to discuss her new book. sotomayor made history in 2009 when slow became the nation's first hispanic and third woman appointed to the highest court if the land. premium seats for the
took this video of cars doing doughnuts onÑi interstate 880 inÑi oakland saturday afternoon. it were postedÑi on-line. investigators say it could have caused açÑi serious collision or killed somebody. >> i'veÑ!ó)never seen like this. it's unreasonable. it looks like something you would see on a video gameÑi or something.Ñi these areÑi real-live incidents and it takes seconds forÑi aÑi fatal time.!f >> the driversÑi got awayçó before police arrived but investigators say they have some license plate numbers and they're workingóoóo[ to identify some of theç drivers. >> 4:32. today is media day at theÑi site of the super bowl in new orleans. reporters from all aroundÑiç meetÑiÑi theÑis7Ñi niners and i toáam]9háeem questions. media day is mandatedÑi byÑiÑi the nfl tow3 allow reportersÑi to get on the field and goÑi one onÑi one with players andÑi theÑi 9ers will be thereÑi this morning to meet theÑiÑi press and takeÑi açó photo. the ravens will do theÑi same in the afternoon. after thatÑi the teams will prepare for sunday'sÑi bigÑi game
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